Our 'Group' Hotel is the Comfort Suites right near the Airport

Comfort Suites Airport
6935 S. Tucson Blvd. , Tucson, AZ, US, 85706 | Phone: (520) 295-4400 Fax: (520) 295-4497
*for information on our 'group reservation name' and group prices for rooms... you'll have to visit the Yahoo Groups site
We've been here before and the staff has been really nice to us, letting us host gatherings in their breakfast nook in the evenings :)

Old Tucson Studios

One of the highlights of reunion! Walk the streets where they filmed episodes of the Young Riders...
'Reunion Old Times' can point out filming locations, so come on belly up to the bar and order a sarsaparilla, you know Jimmy'd give his seal of approval!
A great place for a trail ride! There are rides during the day, but a new favorite is the ride at Sunset. It's just beautiful to watch the sunset set over OTS!
Souvenirs are aplenty at OTS! There's a Tshirt that lists the movies and TV shows that filmed at OTS and a book that mentions our Fan Gatherings!


Along with OTS, Mescal is where they did the most filming... if they're not filming out there and the set is open to the public...
We love to go out and see FRANK, our tourguide supreme, and tour the set which was Sweetwater and Rock Creek

Fan Fic Night

Either authors bring their stories or email them and we print them out for fans to read during Fan Fic Night
There's also a lot of conversation that goes on *wink*
In past years we've also had 'snacks' on this night... bring snacks that you enjoy at home...with folks from all over the country and the world this has been a lot of fun over the years!

Old Time Photos

Ample opportunity to take one of these. There's a place at Old Tucson Studios, several places in Tombstone, and one at Trail Dust Town

Traildust Town

Always a popular stop for dinner one night... Cowboy/Cowgirl steaks with all the fixins
Don't wear a tie or they'll have a necktie party for ya...
Shoppin' is fun, and so is the stunt show... lots of laughs... and everything is Western themed in decorations... enjoy!

Tombstone, AZ

The Town Too Tough to Die... and they're right!
Lots of shoppin' and food and fun... and history!
Check out any one of the Wagon or Trolley rides for a fun tour around town (the Trolley is owned by one of the TYR stuntmen)
The Tombstone Courthouse museum has a video starring Don Collier!
Enjoy your time in this wonderful little town!

Desert Museum

Yeah we know, there's no cactus like that in Texas... but hey the show was always off on locale anyway!
The Desert Museum is always a fun stop with lots of info on wildflowers and animals in the area, so if you're writing Fan Fic...
Why not enjoy and learn? Besides if you have your cup from the year before... :)

What? You've got something else you want to do?

No problem...over the years folks will come and go as they want...
Come for a day, or two... head off for dinner with an old friend... no problem...
Why? This is a vacation for ALL of the attendees... we're here to meet other fans.. have fun... and have more fun!
If you have another idea? Log into the group and share... you might be called on to organize something :)
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