Ten Years of Reunions!

The Young Riders Fan Reunion

What is it?

It's a gathering of fans of 'The Young Riders' - a Western based on the Pony Express that aired 1989-1992 on ABC TV.

Who are we?

The most important qualification - we LOVE the show! Some of us write fan fiction about the characters, others just like to read it. But either way, we're keeping the spirit of the show alive.


2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the show - we'll gather October 9-11 to celebrate.


Tucson, AZ - walk in the actual footsteps of the show.


Why not? We love the show, and we love Arizona!

How to participate?

Join the Yahoo group for updates on all the plans and then just show up!

Please go to the NEXT PAGE and see a sampling of the
events/locations we try to cram into every year.

The Main Site for planning is our Yahoo Groups site and you can
access it by clicking on the wanted poster above.

Questions? Well, ask us!